Oscar 2012 Red Carpet Fashion Commentary

I don’t usually comment on the Red Carpet Hosts but I do like what Giuliana Rancic on E! is wearing. A Tony Ward Spring 2012 dress http://www.tonyward.net/haute-couture/spring-summer-2012/36.jpg

Giuliana Rancic Oscar Red Carpet 2012 Dress by Tony Ward Spring 2012

On the other hand I didn’t like Penelope Ann Miller’s dress by Badgley Mischka. It was a pink nudish sparkle dress with a criss cross halter. Altho in this picture it looks better than it did on TV

Penelope Ann Miller Badgley Mischka Oscar 2012 Dress

I do like Milla Jovovich Elie Saab Oscar 2012 dress but prolly not as much as everyone else…lol…I like this close up of her look the best

Milla Jovovich Elie Saab Oscar 2012 dress

I like Ellie Kemper Oscar dress. It is an Armani Prive sequins copper/rust color dress that matches her hair. Which usually I don’t like but it looks good on her. Can’t find a pic of it for ya yet. Ok found a picture of the dress but it looked so much better on TV :s

Ellie Kemper Armani Prive Oscar 2012 dress

Considering my thoughts about Berenice Bejo Elie Saab mint green dress. What do you guys think?

Berenice Bejo Elie Saab mint green dress Oscar 2012

I do not like her hair with the dress. That I know for sure…lol

Woo Hoo…Yeah Melissa McCarthy! She finally got it right. I’ve hated her look for most of the award shows (altho I love her as an Actress her fashion is atrocious) But she looks divine in a blush colored Marina Rinaldi

Melissa McCarthy Marina Rinaldi dress Oscar 2012

Love Shailene Woodley Valentino Couture dress. It is long sleeves but it is my kinda dress because it is simple, classic and classy

Shailene Woodley Valentino Couture

I don’t like Jessica Chastain black and gold Alexander McQueen dress. I don’t like the colors together and the print is too fussy for me

Jessica Chastain Alexander McQueen Oscar 2012

Ok another hair and dress match I liked was Stacy Keibler Marchesa dress. It wasn’t as perfectly matched as Ellie Kemper’s. It was a very light brown gold. I also liked that her hair was down and swept to the side.

Stacy Keibler in Marchesa at Oscar 2012

Love Viola Davis’ look at the Oscars. Let’s start at the top. I love love her natural hair. Beautiful. And the Green color of the dress(by Vera Wang) against her skin. Fabulous.

Viola Davis Vera Wang dress Oscar 2012

Another curvy girl I loved was Octavia Spencer Tadashi Shoji. I just love the color and the shape on her. It brings out all her fabulous assets.

Octavia Spencer Tadashi Shoji Oscar 2012 dress

Also loved her earrings

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji Closeup Oscar 2012

Love Michelle Williams but I have some issues with her Louis Vuitton dress. I love the coral color (It reads red on the TV & in pictures). I love the top of the dress, the bottom of the dress and the brooch. I hate the peplum on this dress :/

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton Oscar 2012

I do NOT like Jennifer Lopez dress by Zuhair Murad. I could see it at the Grammy’s maybe. The bottom of the dress is better for me but the top is trashy. J LO J LO :/

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad Oscar 2012

I don’t like Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa gown…..The top is too baggy/ill fitting and I don’t like the gold brocade embellishment at her hips…But she did make up for that disappointment by pretending to say her lines in Chinese while actually saying them in German 😉

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa Oscars 2012

Altho on the Oscar show/stage it looked better than on the Red Carpet….hmmm

Ok many may not agree with me but a peplum I did like tonight was Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera….Maybe it was the fit or the simple elegant styling of the whole dress…Either way it worked for me

Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera Oscar 2012


Robert Downey Jr was hilarious at the Oscars!…And some may disagree with me but I loved Gwyneth Paltrow Tom Ford dress with the cape twist…I thought it was unique and the dress was simple and elegant

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at Oscar 2012


Emmy 2008 Fashions – My favs – Part 1

So this year I watched the Emmys not just the before & after shows…lol But I gotta admit my favorite part is still the before Red Carpet arrival of the stars on E! TV. Anyone else with me on that?

Well in case you didn’t get a chance to watch the Before Emmy show or the Actual Emmys show here is my review of my favorite part of the show 😉

I have to say that last year there was a bit more diversity in dreses. This year there was alot of BEADING and neutrals. By neutrals I mean black, white, white with black and beige. I disliked all the ruffles on gowns this year. I saw them on the Fall 08 runway as well but I like how they were executed on the Runway better. They were less frilly and girly and more structured and fresh looking.

The variety this year came in more women than usual wearing lengths other than LONG. And the Men got into variety this year too. More Men than usual wore colored ties and non-black jackets. Guess the men have overcome their color blindness 😉

My Favorite Dresses on the Ladies for the Emmys 2008:

The Dresses were so fabulous this year that I can’t pick just one favorite :/ I know that is a cop out but it is true. I loved loved these dresses:

1) Nicollette Sheridan’s sleek strapless gown by Angel Sanchez in purple. I LOVED the folds and pleats in the dark purple fabric. She was like a bright explination point at the end of the E! TV show saying to the stars this is how you do color bitches…lol

2) Olivia Wilde’s beige satin and chiffon Reem Acra gown with sleeves made of several rows of beads. It was flowy and romantic. She really was a shimmering vision.

3) Christina Applegate’s light blue one shouldered gold jacquard Reem Acra gown. Her dress reminded me of an Indian sari in the materials and the silhouette. I loved her hair and her jewelry as well. Her Earrings were divine. Her whole look was divine and not just for a woman recovering from breast cancer. Some Good Morning America equated her look at the Emmys with Grace Kelly and I have to agree with them.

4) My last favorite gown is one that was not discussed much in anyone’s favorite dress selection in the fashion reviews today. It is Kate Walsh’s black tiered beaded gown by Zuhair Murad. She looked like a tall elegant Art Deco statue that was ccompleted by her deco accessories.

Each of these gown were ALL in a tie for my affections. If I could have ANY of these dresses, I would be in heaven.

Coming in SECOND place was:

Sandra Oh’s intricate black lace Oscar de la Renta dress. I have always liked her choices. She has a unique style that she always brings to the Red Carpet. I adored the slightly messy upswept hair, simple jewlery & makeup that she chose to supplement this dress.

Thirdly I liked Vanessa Williams’ black and white floral Kevan Hall gown with subtle ruching and jeweled asymmetrical strap. This strap and the subtle pink color that occurred on this dress, just below the knee to the hem of the dress, both added interest to the dress and made it unique in it’s use of embellishment, pattern and color. Her simple hair, jewelry and makeup were a frame that enhance the artwork of her dress.

My Favorite Non-Long Dresses on the Ladies for the Emmys 2008:

My favorite in this category was America Ferrera’s vintage strapless ruched bubbled mid-calf hem dress (That was a mouthful. Say that five times fast). It was just FABULOUS!! The dress was enhanced by her Veronica Lake wavy hair, Black Lace pumps and Fred Leighton Jewelry. There was NOTHING about this look I didn’t like.

Secondly I liked Lisa Edelstein’s white strapless dress with black embroidery on the skirt and black lace underskirt by Reem Acra (with all the Emmys 2008 gowns he designed do you think he had time to SLEEP!!). It was classic and crisp. It looked like something Lucille Ball would have worn out with Ricky…lol But she kept it in the 21st century with new bobbed haircut and black platform pumps.


Special mention should be given to Brooke Shields’ Badgley Mischka fuchsia strapless beaded bodice gown with long ruffle train, Tina Fey eggplant David Miester mermaid dress that looked like she couldn’t breath but what is a little air when you can look that beautiful 😉 and Christina Hendricks’ dark green grecian gown with hair and shoes to match (which I feel got little notice by fashion reviewers).

Yikes that was a lot….but I’ll be back with My favorite Men and my not so favorite looks.

*Please note that most pictures were taken from Teamsugar and Getty. Thanks guys.

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Purple & Ombre – Two more trends that go well together

If you flip though any fashion magazine these days they will tell you Purple is the IT color for Fall 08. I’m on board with that. I love a deep jewel tone to balance out the sometimes dreary weather and just as dreary colored clothes that appear in Fall.

Imagine my surprise as I was surfing Targaayy (Target for you regualr folks…LOL) when I came upon some cool (and cheap) Purple items. Many of them included two other trends you know I love patent and Ombre. So I figured I would share them with you because I love to help people look stylish and if it can be done cheaply all the better ;).

Purple & Ombre

Xhilaration® Ombre Satchel – Purple (Small $16.99

Xhilaration® Ombre Tote Bag – Purple $19.99

Women’s Mossimo® Deann Ombre Patent Flats – Purple $13.99

Purple lovers only

Jasmine Small Bag – Deep Purple $16.99

Richard Chai for Target® Colorblock Tie Dress – Passion Purple $44.99

Richard Chai For Target® Printed Broken-Stripe Trench Coat – Purple/ Ebony $44.99

Loving a bargain myself I ordered the Ombre Satchel and the Jasmine Small Bag.

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Review of Heidi Montag’s 2nd Clothing Line “Heidiwood”

It sucks….LOL….OK OK I’ll expand on that.

I’m not Heidi Montag fan. I don’t watch the show “The Hills” that she is on and I only know her name because all the gossip and fashion blogs talk about her. So this morning when I was watching The View on TV (yep I’m one of those people who watches The View) and she was on I knew who she was but didn’t care. As I was about to mute the TV they said she would be showing pieces from her Heidiwood line. Curious about another celebrity clothing line I decided not to mute the TV just yet.

Well the preview of Heidiwood began on The View stage and just as I suspected it sucked. It looked unoriginal, boring, trashy and cheap. In the silhouettes, there was nothing new or creative. The colors were mostly black and dark grey with one bubble gum pink shirt and one teal blue shirt thrown in. In the choice of length for the dresses, skirt and shirts you got short or short. And in looking at pictures of the clothing close up the fabric looked cheap and unfinished. It reminded me of the clothing they use to carry in G&G or Joyce Leslie when I was younger (Any of you out there who remember those stores?…LOL). This line is the disposable underwear version of clothing. You would wear it once, and I’m hoping whoever does it will do it only on Halloween, and then throw it away. As further proof of my opinion check these outfits out called “Heart Breaker” and “Signature Required“:

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. New York Magazine describes the line as “It was bad. So bad…….The stuff was the complete opposite of flattering.Stylelist said about the line “Her second collection is out now, and it’s just as trashtastic as the first!….Truly, it looks like any broke, generic college girl’s wardrobe.“. ThinkFashion said this about the clothing line: “The clothes are terrible. Heidi’s line is a combo of trashed-up stripperwear and beachy-blah t’s and minis – a strange mix, but nothing we don’t see every Saturday when we hit the Old Navy then follow up with a lap dance at the local strip bar.” I couldn’t agree more.

My favorite line to describe the celebuline was from ThinkFashion. They wrote “but from a style standpoint, Heidiwood skankwear is not coming within
10 feet of our precious closet space…unless, of course, we’re seeking a
career change.
” I have to concur with WHOLE HEARTEDLY…..And just to reassure you all I’m not changing careers 😉

If after all this wonderful praise you still want to check the celebuline out for yourself: Click Here.

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Ombre Pumps for sale

I was browsing as I do EVERYDAY…LOL…NET-A-PORTER.COM and saw these light green Ombre Patent Leather Pumps by Rubert Sanderson on sale for $357 (down from $595). I really can’t wear heels any longer but for one of you who can I think they could be a nice addition to your Fall ’08 wardrobe. Any takers?

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Project Runway – Design Game

Not sure if you guys are aware of this, I know I wasn’t, but Project Runway has a Design game on their website. The game is called “The Design Challenge“. It allows you to create an outfit by picking a sillouette which you can then accessorize and colorize. It is fun. At least I think so ;).

I created three different looks. You should hop over there and try your hand at it. And if you have time, check out my designs and rate them for me:

1) Jeans, Shirt & Boots look

2) Pencil Skirt, Sweater & Boots look

3) Maxi Dress, Vest & Flip Flop look



Fendi Fall 2008 – Video

The green Maxx bag I got for Spring/Summer was such a hit that I’ve been searching for a new bag for Fall. In my search, I came upon this video on Style.com recapping Fendi’s Fall 2008 show. This look is one of the looks from the show:

Fendi Fall 2008 - Brown Leather Jacket & Brown Tiered/Ruffled Skirt

Fendi Fall 2008 - Brown Leather Jacket & Brown Tiered/Ruffled Skirt

I’m loving this and many of the other looks but I love Karl Largerfeld so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Check the video out here and let me know what you think.

I’m off to continue my search for My Fall ’08 IT bag. Wish me luck.


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