Statement Jewlery – Some mainstream & some Independent Designers

From Indie Shopper:

indie watches – Dark Red Tire Watch $70.00

Coner handmade watches $70.00

indieshopper – Zoe Ring $67.00

independent labels – Heart Ring $68.00

indieshopper – Superlong Circles $56.00

Five Chain Necklace $140.62

Moon Necklace $103.12

From Priviledged:

Privileged: Gold Circle Ring $78.00

Privileged: Red Carnalian Ring $125.00

Privileged: Chameleon Gold Pebble Cuff $52.00

Privileged: Ted Rossi Large Snake Bangles $115.00

From Designer Rachel Leigh New York:

Rachel Leigh Fitting Cuff $242.00

From Noir:

Noir – Jewelry – BigDropNYC $53.00

From Patch NYC:

Active Endeavors | Product : Locket with Knight $306.00

From Neiman Marcus:

Nashelle Quartz Ring, Crystal

Was: $145.00
NOW: $109.00

Stephen Dweck Oval Amber Ring

Price: $395.00

Stephen Dweck Smoky Quartz Ring

Price: $490.00

Konstantino Treasures Ornate Rectangular Ring

Price: $750.00

John Hardy Jaisalmer Coin Ring

Price: $895.00

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