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Review of Heidi Montag’s 2nd Clothing Line “Heidiwood”

It sucks….LOL….OK OK I’ll expand on that.

I’m not Heidi Montag fan. I don’t watch the show “The Hills” that she is on and I only know her name because all the gossip and fashion blogs talk about her. So this morning when I was watching The View on TV (yep I’m one of those people who watches The View) and she was on I knew who she was but didn’t care. As I was about to mute the TV they said she would be showing pieces from her Heidiwood line. Curious about another celebrity clothing line I decided not to mute the TV just yet.

Well the preview of Heidiwood began on The View stage and just as I suspected it sucked. It looked unoriginal, boring, trashy and cheap. In the silhouettes, there was nothing new or creative. The colors were mostly black and dark grey with one bubble gum pink shirt and one teal blue shirt thrown in. In the choice of length for the dresses, skirt and shirts you got short or short. And in looking at pictures of the clothing close up the fabric looked cheap and unfinished. It reminded me of the clothing they use to carry in G&G or Joyce Leslie when I was younger (Any of you out there who remember those stores?…LOL). This line is the disposable underwear version of clothing. You would wear it once, and I’m hoping whoever does it will do it only on Halloween, and then throw it away. As further proof of my opinion check these outfits out called “Heart Breaker” and “Signature Required“:

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. New York Magazine describes the line as “It was bad. So bad…….The stuff was the complete opposite of flattering.Stylelist said about the line “Her second collection is out now, and it’s just as trashtastic as the first!….Truly, it looks like any broke, generic college girl’s wardrobe.“. ThinkFashion said this about the clothing line: “The clothes are terrible. Heidi’s line is a combo of trashed-up stripperwear and beachy-blah t’s and minis – a strange mix, but nothing we don’t see every Saturday when we hit the Old Navy then follow up with a lap dance at the local strip bar.” I couldn’t agree more.

My favorite line to describe the celebuline was from ThinkFashion. They wrote “but from a style standpoint, Heidiwood skankwear is not coming within
10 feet of our precious closet space…unless, of course, we’re seeking a
career change.
” I have to concur with WHOLE HEARTEDLY…..And just to reassure you all I’m not changing careers 😉

If after all this wonderful praise you still want to check the celebuline out for yourself: Click Here.

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Fashion Victims are everywhere……here are just a few

Fashion victims are everywhere. While I was in the Caribbean I encountered a few. Now my fellow Caribbeaners love color so I’m not talking about that because I love color and Spring/Summer 08 is about Bold Color. And I’m not talking about cheap clothing versus expensive clothing because you all know how I love a bargain ;).

It was Carnival in St Maarten when I was down there so there was lots of costumes and bands. Carnival is a time to let loose and express yourself but not to lose your sense of style completely!! And I feel that some of these women didn’t just lose it, they may never have had it. Some ladies just need some Fashion help. I mean REAL help. Like the lady who had on black lace leggings with white short shorts over them topped with a white t-shirt imprinted with black block letter words. My friend who saw the women was as aghast at her outfit as I was and thought she needed my help with fashion. But I mean SERIOUSLY people does the outfit I described above sound like the person needs Fashion advice OR should they have just known that the outfit was a Glamour Don’t!! I think it is the latter but hey maybe that is just me.

I didn’t get a picture of the outfit above but I did catch some other ladies in need of the Glamour Don’t black bar.

This lady looked like she was attacked by Edward Scissorhands

This woman looked like The Abominable snowman in 90 degree heat…..Fishnets and snowboots do NOT go together WOMAN!! I really thought this was a given

To this woman I wanted to say, if your belly is a little bigger than you would like it to be…..Either get some Spanxs or wear a LOOSER dress.

And in conjunction with that, if you have some cottage cheese hanging around your thighs and butt like I do, DO NOT wear tight WHITE bottoms. They just do not look good.

And lastly we have this nice lady sporting a hair trend I never really got….The curler look….:/

Now if you are putting curlers in your hair so your hair will look nice when you get OUT….Why do you still have them in when you do go OUT!! Is there some other reason you have for wearing the curlers that I don’t know about? Are woman wearing them out because they want to have nice curly hair when they go INSIDE the house? If anyone can enlighten me as to why women do this I would really apprciate it.

And as usual I appreciate all your comments on my review. Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on these ladies? Have you spotted some fashion victims of your own that you would like to share with me?

I’m waiting for your thoughts.


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