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I found this blog post which I think is interesting. The post is called “Is Internet Shopping Harmful?”

I personally think it isn’t harmful but then I’m in the group of people that call Shopping “Retail Therapy” to coat in an air of self-help rather than admit to the addiction it may really be :/ . So is it a waste of time….probably but so are many things (TV, Video Games….ect). The above blog writer is correct when she says “at the end of it [Internet window shopping]; all you’re left with is an empty closet!”

How do you feel about Internet Window Shopping?

Also what do you think is a good term for Internet Window Shopping? It seems long and could use a better name. I’ve read “Screen Shopping” which is good name for it. I thought WISH might be a good name for it. WISH standing for Window Internet Shopping Habit and also the Wishing you get to own the products you see as you surf. But maybe you guys can come up with something better. Lemme know your ideas.

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Has Priscilla been getting appearance advice from her Ex-Son-In-Law Jacko?

I hate to be mean…OK ok not really 😉 but when I saw Pricilla Presley on Oprah the other day I was shocked :o…..I guess everyone in the world (at least the blogging world cause I found many blog posts referring to it) knows about her plastic surgery but I was surprised. I always thought she was an attractive woman. Now she looks horrible. I think she has been getting appearance advice form her ex-son-in-law Jacko!!! It is scary. Here are some recent pics of her so you can judge for yourself: Then Popsugar posted an article about Patrick Dempsey being the face of Versace. He is pictured with Donatella Versace at her latest show for Milan’s Fashion Week. And OMG did she look like a man. I know mean but really. She looks like a drag queen….A bad one cause I love drag queens. They always look prettier than me. Donatella looks like a bad drag queen with a cute dress on. Her lips look like Glodie Hawn’s after she got too much collagen in the movie “The First Wives Club“. Her lips look like they belong to a guppy. See if you agree with me, here is a pic of the two of them:Look aging worries me. It is happening to me everyday just like everyone else but I’m trying to age gracefully (with treatments, creams and maybe botox in the future). I use whatever I can get my hands on that helps me maintain a youthful look while still allowing me to move my forehead and retain a smile that doesn’t resemble the Joker’s. I get that to be in the limelight one needs a little help but when the stars go over board on plastic surgery you gotta call them out on it and say PLEASE step away from the scalpel for a little bit. A wrinkle in time is not such a bad thing…..Actually it is a great book…..LOLLet me know what you guys think?


I was MIA…Did you miss me?…LOL

Not even sure anyone besides me and my friends read this. But in case I actually have readers ;), I haven’t posted in awhile for two reasons. First I wasn’t feeling well. I had some kind of stomach ailment. It was so bad I couldn’t even force myself to eat Chocolate!! And those who know me, know that means I was REALLY sick. Then when I got better ,I had to buy items to sell in my Ebay store. I did find some nice things. I will be posting some pictures of my favorite finds in the coming days as well as some more of my opinions of make-up I’ve recently purchase.
Hope you all were OK while I was away.


Skinny Actresses at the Emmys 2007 and beyond

As a follow up to the Emmys 2007 blog I worte the other day I begun to think about some of the pictures I saw and some of the Actresses. Many of them are too darn skinny. So skinny they make normal size women look BIG. The statistics indicate that 40 percent of the women in this country are size 14 or larger (from Cotton Inc 5/1997). Another report from Research group TC has the average American woman at a size 10-12. Granted you may think Americans are too fat but here are some of the latest average stats for women that I could find:

Average Size of Women From WonderQuest

Country Weight Height Yr of Data

USA 155 lbs 5′ 4″ 2003*

UK 147 lbs 5′ 3.8″ 2006 ?

Canada 153 lbs 5′ 3.4″ 2005

*This info is from the Research Group TC as reported on MSNBC. We Americans have gained 20 lbs in the past 40 yrs. Damn we need to lay off the Burgers and Donuts

So if TV is trying to reflect the US/UK and Canadian public They aren’t doing a good job. I know I know they are giving us a fantasy but does the fantasy have to be sooo far from reality.

Maybe my guy friends are biased but I have yet to find one of them who thought the below skinny actresses are as attractive as as if they had more weight on. Look at some of the Emmys 2007 Actress who I thought looked too skinny:

Ellen Pompeo

Felicity Huffman whose dress was pretty but you could see her chest bones where her cleavage should have been. Eat something at the pizzeria Lynette….sheeesh

I wasn’t the only one who noticed it several of the celebrity blogs talked about it as did: Scandalous Candice

Mary-Louise Parker

Terri Hatcher at the Emmys 2007 was not so bad:

But earlier this year at the Screen Actors Guild awards she looked too skinny to me:

Now compare if you look at the above ladies next to the below Ladies from the same nite you would think the below ladies look HUGE but really they are average. I think this is more what America looks like:

Sara Ramirez

Chandra Wilson

America Ferrera

What do you guys think?


Let 9/11 remind us “We are only here for a Moment”. Make the moment count.

It’s raining here today in the metro New York City area. I like to remember the things the old folks use to tell me about rain when I was little. It rained because God was crying. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, I think God or Mother Nature or The Earth is crying over how we as a race (human beings) have treated one another.

Of course today reminds me of where I was 6 years ago on September 11, 2001 and how my fellow New Yorkers and Americans were treated that day. But whether you are an American or live in another country, there is probably a similar day in your culture that may bring the same kind of memories.

We are only here for a moment. The question is in that moment can we make the world a better place. I’m not sure but I do think every little bit helps. Oprah had a show on the other day about Giving. She talked about giving of ourselves to help others lift themselves up. One of the charities she spoke about was let’s you loan money to the working  poor. Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, you can “sponsor a business” and help the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence.

I really liked the idea so I sponsored a woman named Deborah Charles. She is a 31-year-old mother of two in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania who operates a beauty salon and sells clothes (traditional attire commonly known as kanga). Her salon provides all sorts of common styles to her clients ranging from weaving, hair washing, and other beauty-related services. Her salon can now accommodate three customers at a time, and due to the increasing number of her customers, Deborah wants to get more equipment to cater to more customers at one time.

I picked her because I also sell clothes and I love beauty. No matter where you live in the world I think it is a universal female desire to want to look beautiful. Fashion and beauty can seem frivoulous to some but it can do alot for ones self esteem. A new outfit or hairstyle can give a person the lift they need to get over road blocks in their lives. Hopefully with the money I and others have lent her Deborah will be able to grow her business and make a better life for herself and her family.

Check out the site and see if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Cause we’re only her for a moment. Make the moment count.



Kelly Osbourne speaks out against size zero

Today is the 6 year anniversary of 9/11. It is a day that should help us remember we are only here for a moment. We should be accepting of ourselves and others.

I like how Catwalk Queen: Kelly Osbourne speaks out against size zero.

Good for her. Someone has to speak out that size 0 shouldn’t be a goal. If you are naturally skinny ok but if you are naturally a size 16 than that should be ok as well. Size acceptance.


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