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Oscar 2008 – Part 4 Makeup The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The makeup trends at the Oscars this year were mostly of two different kinds if you ask me. There were lots of heavily lined eyes and red lips but not together. There were pale lips if any lips at all (Yes Tilda I’m talking about you). Here are my views of the good and the bad.


Overall Beautiful Makeup

As I’ve said in previous blogs I’ve said, I just adored Keisha Whitaker whole look. I loved her makeup her hair and her dress.

Heavily Lined Eyes with Nude Lips

Heidi Klum, Jennifer Gardner and Kristin Chenoweth all had heavily lined eyes with nude lips which I think were my favorite of the looks. Heidi is like Keisha at this award show to me. I adored her whole look, hair, makeup and dress.

Red Lips

Cody Diablo, Vanessa Paradis and Anne Hathway all rocked the red lip look. It was the main focus of their makeup look with all other features being muted. Although I’m brown skinned I never like red lipstick on myself (and believe me I’ve tried MANY shades and brands). So when I find a woman who pulls off the red lipstick look I’m a bit green with envy.

Red Lips

I liked Katherine’s dress and her hair but her makeup ruined the whole look for me. I get that the strong lights wash a person out so many actors have to apply more makeup than they normally do. But Katherine Heigl has too much blush on and her lipstick looks so matt that it reads dry to me. I just want to put on a little gloss or maybe some chapstick.

No Makeup

In the no makeup look is only one woman Tilda Swinton. Could you just pick up a lip gloss or some blush Tilda! She looked like the walking dead bat woman……ugggghly. Sorry to rag on the woman. I saw the movie Michael Clayton and I liked it. I thought she did a great job in the role but as for her look on the red carpet I’d have to give it an F-.


Stila is having an online Warehouse sale!

So BellaSugar clued me into Stila Cosmetics Online Warehouse Sale!!

So of course I had to go to the Stila site to check it out and I spent $124!! I got a little something for all the women in my family for X-mas. I bought some of the following:

perfectly kitten $32.00 $18.00

kajal eye liner – spring garden $14.00 $5.00

vintage lip glaze $20.00 $8.00

vintage lip polish $20.00 $8.00

must haves set $35.00 $10.50

winter palette – glacier ice $30.00 $9.00

Check the sale out soon cause things are going fast.


How cute is this idea?

I was surfing the net and came across this cute Idea. A ring with interchangeable lipglosses by Urban Decay. Here are the details and the link:

Urban Decay Cosmetics – Poison Ring MMVI – Lip Gloss Ring

Poison Ring MMVI

Pick your poison, then drop it into our wicked Poison Ring. An ingenious place to stash one of three lip potions, our silver-plated ring features a darkly sexy and slightly macabre piece of art… forever preserved in enamel. Only a lucky few will ever wear one of these limited edition gems. Hiding your beauty secrets was never so intriguing.

A must-have for any Urban Decay addict, the Poison Ring comes packaged in a collectable box – gorgeous purple faux snakeskin box lined with black velour.

LIMITED EDITION Fill Weight: 0.3g / 0.01 US oz

  • 3 interchangeable XXX Shine Lip Glosses.
  • Non-returnable if gloss is used or in unsellable condition.

Price: $50.00

This reminds me of something similar we had when I was a kid. It wasn’t this nice nor as expensive. I like this one much better. I may have to get one because I am a lipgloss junkie. This new trend away from lipgloss and towards lipstick is not making me happy. Oh well as Heidi Klum says “One day your in……The next day your out!”…..LOL Seems my favorite is out of favor this season but it will rise again 😉


Avon really isn’t your Grandma’s Avon anymore…….Cynthia Rowley for Avon

I was purusing the site when I saw something interesting:

Cynthia Rowley for Avon

In their first ever collaboration with a designer, Avon is just about to release a few limited edition beauty items created by the irresistibly darling Cynthia Rowley. Rowley’s fingerprints are all over the products, from the vine and floral packaging to the cosmetics’ colors. The hues are in the same tones as Rowley’s Fall 07 collection—mainly plums and mauves—and are sure to become collector’s items.

Cynthia Rowley for Avon Nail Enamel ($4,
Cynthia Rowley for Avon Lipstick ($4.50,
Cynthia Rowley for Avon Blush Stick ($8,

How cool is that. Guess Avon really isn’t your Grandma’s Avon anymore. Check it out.


My latest Sephora buy and the reviews that back them up

OK. So you all know I”m an “Oholic”* That is anything that can be over done but not be harmful. In my case that is a shopoholic altho I do dabble in the chocoholic realm quite often.

So I had a doctor’s appointment two weeks ago and went shopping afterwards. Not that I need a reason as you know but since that was a yearly cancer checkup I gave myself a pass when it came to feeling bad about the bill. The yearly trip makes me apprehensive so I stopped into Sephora because when you look good on the outside you feel good in the inside.

I walk into the cool interior of the Sephora store Uptown and stared glassy eyed at the multitude of products facing me. What to try first?……. Well I thought let me start with the problem that so annoyed me that morning. I am 40 something and I have adult acne. WTH is that about?!? I mean I had it as a teenager do I really have to go thru it again. Sheeesh.

So I asked one of the lovely Sephora sales people to help me. She referred me to a nice guy named Carlos. I told him my issues. I get breakouts on my forehead, which I’m thinking is from my hair products, and on my lower chin and side of my face, which I’m sure is from talking on the phone. So short of going au natural with my hair and stopping all phone communications what can I do? He showed me

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask™ is a therapeutic mask combining the
anti-inflammatory properties of Sulfur and Eucalyptus with purified
clays. Absorbs oil, minimizes pores, helps prevent and heal blemishes.
Used as a weekly mask or overnight spot treatment. Excellent for chest
and back as well as face.

I had never heard about it but I was desperate to get rid of these breakouts so I threw it in my basket which was soon to overflow with a multitude of products.

What I didn’t know was that it had some good reviews by some others:’s Top Picks – Top Medicated Acne Masks


It has been amazing. My acne is better and so is my oiliness. I may have to try the DDF BP Gell as well:’s Top Picks – Top Medicated Acne Creams/Gels

Stay tuned for reviews on the rest of the things I bought like:

  • Fiberwig Mascara
  • Benefits brow zings
  • Cargo lip gloss
  • Bare Minerals Make Up

    *Please note that this is a fun blog and my own personal definition. By trivializing Oholic I don’t mean to infer that Oholics such as alchoholics sexoholics or shopoholics are funny. They are serious issues that does harm to people and themselves.
    I am here just trying to delude myself that my actions hurt no one but myself. They enrich the credit card company and the stores I frequent so at least someone is happy.
    Peace Out

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