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Lauren Wolf & More Statement Jewelry

Readers of my blogs know how I love statement jewelry. I’m always on the look out for independent designers who have beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. Today I found some great items from Lauren Wolf Jewelry.

Here are some examples of her Bracelets:

This is one of my favorite of her bracelets:

My favorite of her Rings is below (They also have it in silver and gold with diamonds):

My 2nd favorite of her rings. I like stacking rings. So I would definitely buy several of these and wear them together:

From Barneys NY:

Rosanne Pugliese Morocco Lace Earring at Barneys New York $890

Here are some pieces I love that are more on the pricier sided (most from Barneys NY of course….lol):

Anaconda Rings at Barneys New York $2,575

Anaconda By Designer at Barneys New York $2,650

Lucifer Vir Honestus Green Tourmaline Ring at Barneys New York $5,985

This one is from Lauren Wolf Jewelry:


70s & 80s Jewlery flashback….With a BBF necklace thrown in

These remind me of the 80s when stud bracelets were in and Madonna was a Virgin (and so was I for a while but shhhh).

Fallon Circular and Square studded Brass Bangle at Barneys New York

Comes in Silver too.

Fallon Pyramid Stud Earrings at Barneys New York

Manon von Gerkan Claw Pendant at Barneys New York


These remind me of the Graffiti in the 70s that the taggers use to paint on the NYC Subways….ahhhh the Memories

Nishi “New York” Sterling Silver ID Cuff at Barneys New York

Comes in many other styles like Downtown, Uptown, Siempre (Always), Taken, Chelsea, East Coast, Brooklyn

Nishi “Dame La Mano” (Give Me Your Hand) Sterling Silver ID Ring at Barneys New York

Comes in many other styles like Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn, Contigo (With You), Single,

And if you have a BBF you love and want to get something more permanent to show your BFF-ness than a Cosmo check these necklaces out:

Fallon BFF lyric necklaces at Barneys New York

Sterling set of two “best friend” necklaces with song lyrics. “every time you go away” and “you take a piece of me with you.”

Some other lyric: wild women do” and “and they don’t regret it.”
                        get out of my dreams” and “get into my car.”
                        she wants to lead” and “the glamourous life.”


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