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Helpful things for underthings

Here is what the world is talking about from this company These Commando c.y.a undies were in O magazine. So you know if they were there, they must be good. And they do look awfully comfy. I will have to try a pair or two out. They come in several colors and two sizes. Look below for picture and description BUT DON”T FORGET TO KEEP READING because my favorite product from the company is listed next.

Now enough about Oprah….What about ME….Ok…Ok…Me and You and the thousands of ladies like us who are always on the go and often suffer a last minute snafu or slippage that we can’t deal with. This product might be the little help we need to make the outfit we slaved over for hours (in my case) or minutes (in most normal peoples cases) fixable. Cause a Girl’s Gotta make it work and show up looking Fabulous in order to choose whether she wants to eat or just have drinks 😉 And I think this awesome product might help her do just that.

In fact, I could have used these the other day when I was wearing a wide neck silk shirt that kept slipping and showing my bra strap….(which is so 1980s 😉 I decided to take myself somewhere low-key to eat and was never going to wear the shirt again. Then I saw this ad.

Don’t let your outfit go up in flames. To the rescue are matchsticks™. This purse-ready book of clear double-stick tape strips can fix any peek-a-boo bra strap, slipped-down slingback, bursting button-down, gaping wrap dress, fallen hem, dropped tube top or shifty skirt (and so on and so on)…Remember, only you can prevent fashion fires.

matchsticks $10.00


Tired of handwashing your Bra!! Seriously…This isn’t an ad. I just love this item.

So I’m flipping thru one of my favorite magazine while I was on a long car ride with my family on vacation…….Yeah it was scary 😮 and I needed a distraction. So I even looked at the back pages of the magazine which usually has ads for plastic surgery, laser hair removal and the ONE product that will solve your most irritating problem in a single package.

As I was perusing the back pages I saw an ad for the BraBABY™.

It is a cool plastic device that has a unique flow thru design that holds your bra in place and helps it keep it’s shape as it goes thru the spin cycle in your washing machine. That means NO MORE HAND WASHING!! You can just throw your bras into the laundry and not worry that the $50 (or more dollars) you spent on your unmentionables will go to waste.

I know what you are saying. This girl sounds like an advertisement. She must be getting paid for this but since I think only three people read this blog (and two of them are related to me) you can be sure this is from the heart…..Or you are thinking…….Blah blah blah….another item in my closet that I won’t use but will take up space. I use mine all the time. So seriously go to your nearest Linens-n-Things to see it in person or look at the BraBABY™ site and see what you think.

I bought one and so did my two sisters. We are all big boobed girls and take pride in buying good bras (usually from Nordstrom because they have a great selection). Cause you need something well made to help keep the sisters (that is my nickname for my boobs) from being kneepads.

So try one and let me know if you like it. Cause the 10 minutes you save from not hand washing can be spent doing something you really enjoy……..Like reading my blog ;)…..LOL


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