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My Project Runway Team – Season 4

I love Project Runway! I’m a frustrated fashion designer at heart. By that I mean I would love to be one but I have neither the talent nor the creativity. But the next best thing is watching designers on Project Runway and critiquing their work (like I could do better WTH!).Well I’ve been playing a fantasy game this season online at Fafarazzi. The rules where as follows:

Check out the Project Runway 4 profiles of each designer and pick your favorite 3 for your team. You’ll want to pick characters that you think will be scoring a lot in the next episode. Points were giving for crying (Ricky), saying make it work (a la Tim Gunn), winning a challange and many other incidences. I wasn’t very good at picking the right people to get the right points but I did pick the people who would eventually go to the final.

This has been my team for weeks:I may not be able to design or win at this game but I did know who was most talented. Although this year I don’t think it was as hard as some seasons past. I do have to note for the record though that Kevin got gypped. I think he got eliminated WAAAAYYY to soon.I do think Christian will win. He is the most creative. Although his clothes are not as commercial as Rami (who I ADORE), Christian did seem to have the most range in his design aesthetic.What do you think?


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