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Caribbean Handmade Jewelry

In my travels thru this gorgeous island I’ve found some pretty jewelry items that I thought I would share with all of you.

Some of the pieces I loved best I found in Marigot. Marigot is the capital of the French side of this island. In the
morning, on Wednesdays thru Saturday, many local people come into the
center of town to sell their products to the tourists who come off the
Cruise Ships. Some of the items, like the below jewelry, are handmade. These beautiful silver and colorful stone pieces were handmade by a cool local woman here on the island.

You know how I love unique jewelry and when I found these I just fell in love with them. Lemme know if you agree.


Don’t you wish you were here?

Soooo long time no blog readers. Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? Well actually I fell off it into the glorious Caribbean!! You read that right. The sunny, warm, paradise-like Caribbean.

I had some time and I came to visit some relatives. I originally was going to only spend 2 weeks here but have ended up extending my stay 2 times! I mean it was still cold in the Northeast USA and it is in the 80s here everyday. How could I pass up the chance to liven up my pasty winter skin. On top of that Carnival is about to start here and I’ve never been. So I’m now staying to experience Carnival. My first one!! Should be exciting. I will of course be sharing experiences and most importantly pictures of it so you can vicariously live thru me. So if you are home in the cold or less than warm weather and need a vacation, come along with me and read about my experiences so you can have a mini vacation for yourselves. Cause you know you need it.

Tax day has just past. If you just put your taxes in and are eagerly awaiting your check maybe I can give you some inspiration as to what to do with that check. Maybe you need to indulge in some Sun, the Beach or my personal favorite Shopping!!

I’ll be blogging about beaches I love here, nightclubs and venues I’ve found fun, restaurants I’ve found delectable (including my favorite pastry shops and desserts 😉 ) and unique items I’ve found while shopping…So stay tuned!!! I’m off to the beach now but before I go here are some pictures.

Below are pictures of the view I wake up to every morning:

And the view of where I’m blogging this post from:

And the Garden below where I’m blogging from:

Jealous yet ;)….If not, wait to see what I have for you later.

Au revoir mes amis 😀


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