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Super Dresses From the Met Costume Institute Gala – May 2008

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, there was only one dress that looked great and incorporated the theme. In my opinion that was Christina Ricci in a pink and red Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Haute Couture Gown.

As a runner up Naomi Watts in Thierry Mugler.

Zac Posen’s suit did a good job of illustrating the Superhero and Fashion look for Men.

There were many gorgeous dresses but these stars were the ones who epitomized the Superhero and Fashion combination.

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Using Clothing and Accessories as a canvas brings Fashion to the next level

I loved the Dolce & Gabbana painted organza gown Rose McGowan wore at the amFar event the other night.

I love the Clothing and Accessories as a canvas. I’ve always thought of Clothing as Art but this is taking it to a new level by mixing what people consider “real” art with Fashion to create Fashion2. It reminded me of the Prada line for Spring/Summer 2008 that mixed Art with Prada’s usual beautiful clothes. Below are some of my favorite items from that line.

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Some creative dress ideas to fill your Project Runway craving until the finale

Project Runway is almost over. So in my search for creative way to create dresses without using fabric I found some Balloon Dresses. I know I know you think TACKY but I think some of these are way cool. Do you think Rami, Christian or any of the other Runway contestants could do this? And what kind of designs would they create if they did? Enjoy:

More cool Balloon Pictures can be found at the blog Splendid Pictures Around the Net. Check them out.


Cool House Items

Thank goodness I don’t love being in the kitchen or else these would be some more things I would spend money on and lord knows I don’t need more things to spend money on….lol

Here are some artsy dish towels. There are other designs but these are my two favorite:.

You can get them here: tikoli towels

There are other artsy cool kitchen things on this site (velocityartanddesign) but they might be too expensive for some. I particularly like these cookie jars:

You can get them here: torimitsu bunny

And I could use one of these when I’m typing away at home in bed.

You can find it here: Lap Dog Tray

And I’m always looking for different and artsy baby gifts. My cousin did just have a baby so maybe I will get this for the little one. I love this part of the ad:

this spectacular piggy bank special, it comes with money inside. no, really, each piggy bank comes with honest-to-goodness take it to the store and spend it american moolah inside. the amount will vary, but don’t be surprised to find a few coins, or possibly, a $100 bill.

How cool is that!

You can get them here: piggybank


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