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Ombre and Sequins

I came across this dress while Screen Shopping (the Internet version of window shopping 😉 ) at Neiman Marcus. It joins too ideas sequins and Ombre.

Sequined Ombre Dress Was $550 Now on Sale: $385

You know how I feel about Ombre (If not read this blog) but I’m not sure if I like Ombre and Sequins? So I put it out to you readers. What do you think?

Yes this is a good combination. Ombre looks good in everything
No this is a hideous combination. Anything sequined is Bad.
No this is a hideous combination. Anything Ombre is Bad.

Leave me a comment below and/or Take this survey.
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Statement Jewlery – Some mainstream & some Independent Designers

From Indie Shopper:

indie watches – Dark Red Tire Watch $70.00

Coner handmade watches $70.00

indieshopper – Zoe Ring $67.00

independent labels – Heart Ring $68.00

indieshopper – Superlong Circles $56.00

Five Chain Necklace $140.62

Moon Necklace $103.12

From Priviledged:

Privileged: Gold Circle Ring $78.00

Privileged: Red Carnalian Ring $125.00

Privileged: Chameleon Gold Pebble Cuff $52.00

Privileged: Ted Rossi Large Snake Bangles $115.00

From Designer Rachel Leigh New York:

Rachel Leigh Fitting Cuff $242.00

From Noir:

Noir – Jewelry – BigDropNYC $53.00

From Patch NYC:

Active Endeavors | Product : Locket with Knight $306.00

From Neiman Marcus:

Nashelle Quartz Ring, Crystal

Was: $145.00
NOW: $109.00

Stephen Dweck Oval Amber Ring

Price: $395.00

Stephen Dweck Smoky Quartz Ring

Price: $490.00

Konstantino Treasures Ornate Rectangular Ring

Price: $750.00

John Hardy Jaisalmer Coin Ring

Price: $895.00


Neiman Marcus is having a sale. Here are some of each size (0-16) I like…..Most under $150

I was surfing the net and read that Neiman Marcus was having a sale. And you know how I love a sale. Most of the press on their sales was referring to the Beauty section because they had a lot of really great gifts with purchase. And not the usually crappy kind you get from department stores but some really nice gifts and full sizes of products. Also they were offering free shipping for orders over $150. How can you beat that?

So after I ordered some make-up I needed, I perused the sale section to look for dresses. I’ve been having a dress obsession lately as some of my previous posts can reveal.

Well I found some cool dresses. One I even purchased. But to be fair to all of you who read this I found some examples of dresses, one in each size from 0-16, for all of you. Ain’t that nice of me. It has nothing to do with my shopoholic tendencies 😉

So below are some of the things I found. And unlike most lists that go from small sizes to larger sizes, I decided to start at the large sizes and list the rest in descending size order. Enjoy.

Size 16

Carmen Marc Valvo Ruched Satin Dress

Was: $355.00
NOW: $124.00

Size 14

Dana Buchman Tie-Front Dress
This dress also comes in size 12 & 4

Was: $325.00
NOW: $114.00

Jean Paul Gaultier Printed Slip Dress
This dress comes in size 12 too

Was: $565.00
NOW: $198.00

Size 12

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Silk Bustier Dress
This Dress also comes in sizes 2,4,6,8,10

This is the dress I ordered. Can’t wait to see it in person!

Was: $495.00
NOW: $173.00

Shoshanna Lace-Overlay Dress

Was: $350.00
NOW: $123.00

Phoebe Couture Kimono Dress

Was: $270.00
NOW: $95.00

Size 10

Tracy Reese Empire Dress
This Dress also comes in sizes 2,4,6,8

Was: $365.00
NOW: $128.00

Rebecca Taylor Embroidered Minidress

Was: $385.00
NOW: $135.00

Size 8

Laila Azhar Wool Long-Sleeve Dress
This Dress also comes in size 10

Was: $230.00
NOW: $81.00

Size 6

MARC by Marc Jacobs Lace Dress
This Dress also comes in sizes 8,10,12

Was: $398.00
NOW: $139.00

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Chain Dress

Was: $795.00
NOW: $278.00

Size 4

Tracy Reese Ironwork Dress

Was: $550.00
NOW: $193.00

Diane vonFurstenberg Utility Wrap-Dress

Was: $425.00
NOW: $149.00

Corey Lynn Calter Crocheted Mini Dress
Size 4-6

Was: $278.00
NOW: $97.00

Size 0

Tracy Reese Eyelet Dress

Was: $275.00
NOW: $96.00


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