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You can get Charlize Theron’s dress for just over a $1,000!!

Ackkk I was just watching the rerun of Oprah cause I missed it earlier today. It was a show about giving and charity (something I think I (we) should all do more often). Charlize Theron was on to talk about a outreach program in her home country of South Africa that she is funding. To help support it she is auctioning off the 1st dress she ever wore to the Cannes Film Festival on eBay. Thinking that this show was recorded at least 12 hrs ago I figured the price of the dress would be in the thousands but much to my SURPRISE the dress was at $1,075 with more that 2 days to go!! WTH is that about. Come on all you fashionista’s bid on the dress! You’ll get to own a beautiful made dress as well as get a fashion statement (the designer made Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s wedding dress) and help some kids out. Here are the details:

Want to make a difference in a child’s life? To help raise funds for the children of Africa, Charlize is auctioning of one of her gowns on eBay. Proceeds will go to the Entertainment Industry Foundation benefiting the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.

The one-of-a-kind, ivory couture dress was designed by Narciso Rodriguez exclusively for Charlize. “This is a very special dress,” she says. “This is the first time I ever went to the Cannes Film Festival.”

If you would like to bid on Charlize’s gown, go to

Come on I know your tax return is coming 😉

UPDATE – March 12, 2008 1pm EST

The price of the dress is at $1,675 now with almost a day to go but I still don’t think that this is high enough for this dress!! What do you guys think?

FINAL UPDATE – March 13, 2008 10am EST

The final price of the dress was $1,825! While I realize that that is alot of money I thought a dress like this one and a cause so worthy would have fetched a higher price :(. Well I’m sure the money will be well used and it is going to a good cause no matter what.


Some more great companies helping support Breast Cancer this month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has really brought the philanthropy in companies out. I think this charitableness by companies is an awesome idea. Companies should adopt this giving back attitude throught the year. I believe it would bring them more goodwill among their customers. I know many of us get frustrated and angry towards companies who are  just in it for the bigger bottom-line. What do you think?

Below I’ve found two more companies that have some really cool products to raise awareness. Check them out.


OPI has just come out with its new Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer. This pale pink color has been created exclusively to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

OPI will make a donation of $25,000 to help fuel research and development toward the fight against breast cancer.

The above info is from:
Think Pink: OPI Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer | BellaSugar – Beauty, Hair, & Skin.


DuWop fans will be pleased to hear that this brand is a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This new and adorable Purse Your Lips ($24) mini purse houses its Pink Shimmer Lip Venom (you know, the mega lip plumper that put them on the map). Ten percent of proceeds will be given to Cancer and Careers.

Cancer and Careers is an organization I have mentioned before that helps provide inspiration, guidance, help and insight to working women living with cancer. If you don’t already own a tube of Lip Venom, now’s your chance to stock up on a must-have makeup staple — and help a good cause at the same time.

The above info is from:
Think Pink: DuWop Purse Your Lips | BellaSugar – Beauty, Hair, & Skin.


$31 Spa Treatments Thruout Oct…Great Oppurtunity to celebrate Breast cancer month and get beautiful in the process

Saw this article on Bella Sugar and thought it was a good idea so I figured I would share with you guys. If you live in Arizona | California | Florida including Tampa Bay and South Florida | Georgia | Illinois including Chicago and Suburbs | Indiana | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | New York | Oregon | Texas | Wisconsin, you are one of the lucky ones. An event called Pretty in Pink is being run for the month of October where awareness and funds will be raised for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. All month long, spas and salons across
the country will offer $31 treatments to raise awareness and money for
the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. So you can get
laser hair removal, mesotherapy, IPL, microdermabrasion, haircuts,
pedicures and more for just $31 each. It’s a steal, and as Sherbear 5
says, it’s for a good cause.

Here is the link to look up the spa’s that are participating: Pretty in Pink presented by

So go treat yourself and help a good cause.


Let 9/11 remind us “We are only here for a Moment”. Make the moment count.

It’s raining here today in the metro New York City area. I like to remember the things the old folks use to tell me about rain when I was little. It rained because God was crying. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, I think God or Mother Nature or The Earth is crying over how we as a race (human beings) have treated one another.

Of course today reminds me of where I was 6 years ago on September 11, 2001 and how my fellow New Yorkers and Americans were treated that day. But whether you are an American or live in another country, there is probably a similar day in your culture that may bring the same kind of memories.

We are only here for a moment. The question is in that moment can we make the world a better place. I’m not sure but I do think every little bit helps. Oprah had a show on the other day about Giving. She talked about giving of ourselves to help others lift themselves up. One of the charities she spoke about was let’s you loan money to the working  poor. Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, you can “sponsor a business” and help the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence.

I really liked the idea so I sponsored a woman named Deborah Charles. She is a 31-year-old mother of two in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania who operates a beauty salon and sells clothes (traditional attire commonly known as kanga). Her salon provides all sorts of common styles to her clients ranging from weaving, hair washing, and other beauty-related services. Her salon can now accommodate three customers at a time, and due to the increasing number of her customers, Deborah wants to get more equipment to cater to more customers at one time.

I picked her because I also sell clothes and I love beauty. No matter where you live in the world I think it is a universal female desire to want to look beautiful. Fashion and beauty can seem frivoulous to some but it can do alot for ones self esteem. A new outfit or hairstyle can give a person the lift they need to get over road blocks in their lives. Hopefully with the money I and others have lent her Deborah will be able to grow her business and make a better life for herself and her family.

Check out the site and see if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Cause we’re only her for a moment. Make the moment count.



The Body Shop Pink Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

A rare product that gives 75% of the proceeds away. Go get one and support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

New Product Alert: The Body Shop Pink Hi-Shine Lip Treatment | BellaSugar – Beauty, Hair, & Skin.


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